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DR. TCM  Sam Fu in AB

R.AC-Registered Acupuncture in BC, AB

RMT - Registered Massage Therapist in AB

MD, BSc in PRC


Dr. Fu is coming from a Tradition Chinese Medicine family with 4 generation awarded by Chinese Medical Department. His father is present a chair of Expect of Committee of BC ATCMA, and practice in BC. Dr. Fu started his family personal training in Chinese Medicine at age seven and received his MD of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) from Guangzhou University of TCM, in 1997. And he moved to Canada in 2003, worked as Acupuncturist, Injury Rehab practitioner, TCM practitioner in Toronto. Dr. Fu is currently Registered Acupuncturist in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario, and he has been practice more than 15 years. He is expertise in treatment of various diseases and disorders, and he will always dedicates himself to achieve your health goal. 

TCM ​​Dr. Jian Wen Fu

R.TCM.H - Registered Herbalist in BC

Chair of Expert Committee of BC ATCMA

Editor-in-Chief of CJTCM in BC

Professor of TCM in PRC


BC省中医药针灸师公会 专家委员会主席





主治: 妇科诸症,不孕不育,小儿营养不良,过敏,失眠,痛症,等内科疾病,癌症及各种疑难杂症